Month: March 2012

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

For those of you not fortunate enough to be in or around Denver today, You. Totally. Missed. Out!!!  Today was an absolutely gorgeous day that was perfect for being outside and walking around downtown.  Sure, you were there with probably 100,000 of your closest new best friends, but, hey, at...
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Finally got the answers I wanted to hear!  Madelyn will be getting tubes put in sometime in the very near future and has been referred to a speech pathologist!  She ‘technically’ passed her hearing test Monday, but still had fluid behind her ear on the left side.  The ENT...
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The Toy Fund

And so its happened.  I always knew it would, but was hoping that my child would be different and forever stay a baby, just like I am forever 24 in my head.  For Christmas this year, Jon’s parents gave Madelyn a gift card to Target with the explicit intructions...
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