Month: May 2013

Into the Woods Park

We have officially moved into our house and been there about 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the internet to be hooked up so I can resume my blogging and we can use our internet-based US phone to make all the calls to family and insurance and...
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Every weekend we have been here it has rained in Stuttgart.  All day… like the “Don’t want to walk across the parking lot to go to the food court,” kinda rain.  I’ll go out and walk around if its misting or even a really light drizzle for a few...
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A Girl and her Dogs

Madelyn loves stuffed animals as I am sure most children do.  I had quite a collection of animals as a child that I slept with every night.  Madelyn has 2 main favorites – Rufus and Calvin.  Rufus is her large  golden retriever dog from Ikea that she got first....
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