And We’re Moved In!

It’s been right at a month since we moved into our new house.  In that time, we have arranged and rearranged furniture, hung pictures, bought and built Ikea furniture(we should just by stock or let them use our home for catalog photos), and are finally feeling settled in. 

The living room and dining rooms were the first ones finished.  They are on the main floor and are the most used rooms during the day.  Here are some pics – before and after.  There is still a little bit more work we want to do and will wait until Olivia is here to get more pictures and such up on the walls.

Living Room Before and After

Dining Room Before and After
Kitchen – There wasn’t too much we could ‘do’, but did hang a few things 🙂 

Madelyn’s room was also finished fairly quickly.  We wanted her to have a space that was hers and she knew all the stuff in it was hers.  Interestingly enough, her boxes were the first ones off the truck, so she had a ton of toys for her room and nothing to put them away in for most of the day.  She was in kid heaven! She just made a huge mess and it was totally ok J  We did put the gate across the door while the movers were there to help keep her out of their way.  She’s too tall and smart, and learned rather quickly how to get over the gate.  It came down a few days later 🙂

Empty Room Before
Toys have arrived! 

Finished Room 

Our room was one of the last rooms.  We just got everything put away and stuff hung over the weekend.  It wasn’t that we didn’t want to get it finished.  We did.  We just hadn’t dedicated anytime to making it comfortable and peaceful.  The bookcases are from our house in Colorado and had living room décor in them.  They didn’t quite work downstairs the way we hoped and relocated them in our room.  As of right now, we don’t have much in them, and I’m sure that will change.

The top floor will eventually be a huge playroom.  There are a few safety things I want to get fixed before I feel comfortable with Madelyn playing up there without me physically being there.   The room is huge and there will be plenty of room for Madelyn to have all her toys and then some.   Toy Loft should be completed and ready to go soon J

Olivia’s room was actually the last room to be completed.  I don’t know why, but it has had all the furniture in it for almost 2 weeks, but we never arranged it or got it ‘cleaned up’ for a baby.  This weekend we finally got it ‘finished.’  Now, it definitely is much more ‘Spartan’ than a lot of nurseries and that is because of me.  I never know what I want the room to be like until I’ve met the kiddo that is going to be there.  It would be very easy to pick our flowers or bugs or something really whimsical, but until I’ve met Olivia, I don’t really know what she will want her room to be like J  

The front garden is one of my favorite spots.  There is a lot to look at and it is how I would have loved to do a backyard in Colorado.  Madelyn loves playing out there because she gets to move the rocks around.  The real backyard isn’t fenced in and has a huge drop off to a road, so this is where we will play until she gets a little older 🙂

We have a finished basement as well that will be ready for guests soon!  Since its not ‘booked’ yet, we have nothing down there yet.  We are currently accepting reservations and will send pictures at that time 😉