Feeling a bit naked

We are embarking on the Great Home Renovation of 2011. It actually began a few weeks ago and will continue for about the next month and a half. It involves about 5 ‘phases’, with the first 2 phases actually complete, and 3, 4 and 5 on deck almost simultaneously. If you look closely at the pictures, you will notice that there are no end tables, no lamps, no baseboards, or pack n play and the biggie – no carpet! We’re on subfloor right now! That little space with Madelyn’s jumper is her only safe place to play in the entire downstairs! The linoleum in the entry and the kitchen are also either gone or almost gone. We will be putting down wood floors instead. There’s the last piece of carpet in the dining room and the all the carpet is up! Jon’s been working on the linoleum in the kitchen this evening and that should all be up in the next day or two. The wood floors should be here by the weekend and then we can get started on phase 4.

Phase 1 was the dining room and we did that a few weeks ago. We added crown moulding to the ceiling, a chair rail, and decorative frames instead of wainscoating. We also painted the dining room. This is the before picture.
These are the after pictures.

Phase 2 was painting the kitchen. We were able to accomplish that in one day. Its hard to tell, but its a pale yellow color now. We also added trim and keystones to the window in the kitchen. That will happen for all the trim/windows downstairs. I will add more pics and such in a few days.

Fun kid story of the day: My kids are taking CSAP (state test) this week and today was the long writing piece. They are allowed to put their head down when they finish or read their book. Today was the first time I had not one kid truly fall asleep but two… one so much so that the entire class left at the end of the day and he didn’t even wake up – his friend came back to wake him up and he was so disoriented, he left all his stuff and had sleep marks across his face 🙂