Fourth of July and Ohio Visitors

For 4th of July this year, we looked at taking a trip somewhere in the west – Utah, Arizona, Montana – somewhere new. Unfortunately with the western states, they are HUGE!! Most of the places we were wanting to visit were over 6 hours away and most were closer to 12. Staying over night was fine, but since it was a holiday was ridiculously expensive. We also had to consider that travelling with Madelyn that far would take twice as long and just not be a good trip for her. So, we started looking a little bit closer.

First little day trip was to Eldorado Springs Canyon State Park in this itsy bitsy town at the base of the mountains between Golden and Boulder. The only attractive thing about the town was the huge spring pool at the edge of the town. I call it a town, but the population was probably 87. Just passed the pool was the park. I found this really easy trail that was about 1.5 miles round trip and had some pretty views.

Our second trip was an accident. We started heading up towards Leadville, Colorado, and stopped in Idaho Springs and ended up going to Mount Evans instead. Mount Evans is one of the ‘Fourteeners’ in Colorado – the mountains that top 14,000 feet. It is the 14th tallest mountain in Colorado and is 14, 264 feet. The other fun thing is that it is the highest paved road in North America. You can drive to all but the last 120 or so feet of the summit and then hike the last little bit. This is Summit Lake – the last lake on the way up.

It. Was. Amazing. The views from the top, and even on the way up are stellar. There really are no words for some things in life and this was one of them. You truly have to experience it to really understand. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to take my aunt and uncle and grandparents who were visiting from Ohio there this week when the came. My aunt and uncle even did the hike to the summit! This was their first visit to Colorado, so it certainly was memorable 🙂