Great Renovation of 2011 Complete!!

FINALLY!  We started early this spring with renovations and it has taken most of the summer for us to get everything done.  We’ve painted the whole downstairs, taken out all the carpet/linoleum and replaced with hardwood floors, added trim to the windows (since they don’t do window trim out here?), and added crown moulding, chair rail, and frames to the dining room. 
Once all that was finished, we got some new furniture and moved things around a bit.  I honestly never thought we would get it all done!  But, I must say, I LOVE it!!  The house was ‘nice’ before, but it wasn’t our ‘home’.  This is what we envisioned our home to be when we bought it 4 years ago and began planning and designing and replanning.  I couldn’t ask for more! 🙂

Here are a few before pics…  We forgot to take them at the beginning, and so this is at the beginning of the demo with carpet pulled up, white walls, and just the furniture.

This is the house now! 🙂

                        Living Room from the 2nd floor


Living Room from front door


                                                  Living Room from the Dining Room


New cabinets along the stair case wall with built in lights


Madelyn’s new play area


Dining Room with lit cabinets