Into the Woods Park

We have officially moved into our house and been there about 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the internet to be hooked up so I can resume my blogging and we can use our internet-based US phone to make all the calls to family and insurance and such that need to be made!  It takes a month(!) to get it all hooked up, so with luck, internet should be ready in about a week.  I can’t wait!  You don’t realize how much you use it and how integrated it is into your life (like computer and itunes movies) until it is not there!   I have been using the USO on base to get access to the internet and use their US phone to get everything arranged for Olivia’s birth and the doctor’s visits I have had while here.  The USO is amazing J

This quick post is about a really neat park that Madelyn and I found near the base when we went out for a picnic.  A family we met told us about it, so one of the last days we were in the hotel, Madelyn and I ventured out with a picnic in hand to see it.   It was a little bit of a walk in the woods, which I don’t mind because I find the woods relaxing.  It is also nice for Madelyn to get out and run… literally run… where I know she is safe and there isn’t too much she can get into before I can get to her.  I’m a little ‘slower’ than I used to be, but I guess being REALLY pregnant will do that 😉 

We walked for about 15 minutes down the path and found this little guy.  He was fascinating to me because I don’t think I have ever seen a real, honest to God snail with antennae AND a shell!  We watched him(or her) cross the road for a few minutes.  Then, I realized that all the ‘black smears’ on the path were snails that didn’t make it (Ewww…).  It made this one more special.

When we got to the playground, I wasn’t really sure what to think.  There were 2 other families there and the ‘playground equipment’ definitely wouldn’t be allowed in the US because it “wouldn’t be safe.”   This means Madelyn had a blast!   We ate a quick lunch before she was like ‘I go play now.’ 

The park was geared towards older kids – maybe  5-6 years old and older, but Madelyn is fearless and accepted the challenge with open arms J   She loved the ropes course and kinda ‘bounced’ around the 3 other kids that were playing there.  She wants to play with them, but being not quite 3, doesn’t know how to involve herself yet in their playing OR ask them to play with her, so she just kinda jumps up and down near other kids.  If they react to her, they will play near each other and if not, she loses interest and runs off to play by herself J

Once the other kids went to eat, she tried the ropes course.  I was amazed at how well she did! 

I’m glad she had fun and we got to enjoy the beauty of the woods nearby!