It’s about time!

This has been one of those weeks that I’m definately glad is over. We ordered the wood floors almost a month ago and were supposed to have them delievered to the house on Monday. We are doing a lot of renovations and are doing the work ourselves to save money. The floors are supposed to sit in the house for several days to acclimate to the climate in the house, so we needed them by then so we could start getting them down this weekend.

To make a really long story short, we got the floors finally delivered on Thursday, didn’t have to pay for delivery, and I am now good friends with one of the corporate managers back in Virginia 🙂 Obviously, having the flooring sitting in the house makes the excitement virtually unbearable. So we started researching how to ‘know’ when you can start to install the floors. We learned you can get a moisture meter and as long as the subfloor and the wood are within 2% of each other, then they can be installed safely. We are now the proud owners of one of those little gadgets that will probably not have a use ever again. We took the moisture readings and 0% came up for the floors and 0% for the wood. At first we thought it wasn’t working… who has a humidity/moisture level of 0%?? Apparently Colorado does! We tested our skin and that gave a reading, so it had to be working. I guess we are good to go!

I’m going to be perfectly honest. This is Jon’s project. When I say ‘we’, I’m really meaning, I helped pay for it, bring it home and load it into the house, take pictures to document the progress, and then go shopping with Madelyn while Jon works at home alone listening to 90’s rap blaring on the tv because he has to wear earplugs because of the tools and he still wants to hear the music 🙂 The trade off is I do virtually all the painting and take care of Madelyn pretty much by myself. The tools are way too loud for Madelyn to be there, so we (Madelyn and I) have to leave when Jon works on them.

Jon started the floor on Saturday and worked on it for a few hours again today. The floors look amazing! We are absolutely thrilled with how beautiful they are coming out. Madelyn doesn’t seem to mind too much. By the end of the day though, she’s ready for some mom and dad time and doesn’t want to sit in high chair or jumper or play in the pack n play. That’s ok, though, she’s so much fun to snuggle 🙂

Fun kid story of the day: School started on Friday in a lockdown. There was a police incident in the area that started in the middle of the night and came to a head about the same time school started. I’ve been having the kids watch CNN Student News because of all the things going on in the world and the ways these events are imapcting their life, whether or not they know it. With the lockdown, kids had initially been told school was cancelled, so we started with a very low number of kids. I looked at my first block class and gave them a few movie choices, thinking one would work until we got a few more kids. We took a vote, and no one really wanted to watch any of them. One of the kids goes ‘Miss, can we just watch the news? That’s better than those movies. ” I just paused, confused, because my kids would rather watch the news than 101 Dalmations with real people in it. It was a proud moment 🙂