Little Nature Lover

The countryside around our house has an intricate network of walking and biking paths.  The paths range from narrow grass trails to wide paved walkways.  They weave their way between the fields and offer some amazing views of the rolling hills and valleys.   We try to walk most evenings that the weather allows.  Madelyn really has enjoyed these outings and so do we!



IMG_3337       IMG_3086

During the walks, she collects all kinds of treasures.  Sticks, rocks, leaves, walnuts, etc, routinely join us on our walks.

IMG_3281      IMG_3315


We usually see snails as we move along and they are super cool! (Who knew?!)  They are the ones that have the shells with them and the large antenna.  Madelyn is fascinated with them and is very concerned about their eating habits.  We usually have to spend several minutes making sure they have plenty to eat.  We have taught her not to bother them, so she says “Don’t hurt them.  Just look at them.”




There is a horse farm nearby and there are often horse droppings on the path.  Kids are innately drawn to poop, so I developed a game called, ” Jump the Horse Poop” to help keep her from stepping in it.  I’m not going to explain the rules.

IMG_3334    IMG_3329

She really loves the outdoors and being in nature 🙂