Parks, Slides, and Stairs, Oh My!

Madelyn has discovered the wonders of the neighborhood park. 
I took her there some last year, but it was never as wonderous to her as it is now.  Last year, she couldn’t walk on her own, and everything was at our discretion – where to play, how long to play, going up and down the slide, swinging on the swings.etc.  She needed us to help her do all of it. 
This year, she is having a lot of fun exploring things on her own.  She climbs the stairs, and can go down the little slide. 
She can climb the stairs, THEN climb the big stairs to go to the big slide.  (Those are pretty much the only things she can do on her own as everything else is a bit too advanced yet:)) 
But, we do the slides a lot. And I mean a LOT!
                                                              Sometimes there are rocks.
                                                              Sometimes there are dads. 
                                                   Sometimes there are Madelyns and dads.
                                                     And sometimes there is just Madelyn. 
                                                 This summer is going to be so much fun 🙂